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Nov 30, 2009

Jon & Kate Gosselin Reach Divorce Agreement

Jon and Kate Gosselin met on Saturday and have reportedly reached an agreement on the terms of their divorce arbitration, and Jon brought Kate a bouquet of roses to the meeting! Read more on this story below.

The couple met with an arbitrator for around five hours and reportedly came to an agreement and a document will be drawn up within 30 days.

After the meeting was over, Jon Gosselin revealed he had written a note to Kate saying he loves their children and that part of him will always love her.

Jon had arrived to the meeting with a bouquet of roses for Kate, but Kate reportedly left the meeting without the bouquet.

It’s being reported that Jon and Kate’s marriage will be legally over by the end of the year. And TMZ reported that Kate Gosselin will have primary custody of their eight children. Jon was said to not argue on custody but their main beef is how their assets will be divided.

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