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Aug 30, 2009

Travis Barker Opens Up About The Loss Of Good Friend DJ AM (VIDEO)

DJ AM (left) and Travis Barker
Travis Barker has opened up about the death of his dear friend Adam Goldstein aka DJ AM, who died on Friday of a drug overdose. Read what Travis had to say below.

Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker was friends with DJ AM as well as collaborated with him doing awesome shows. DJ AM and Barker also became even closer after the two men survived a tragic plane crash that killed four people a year overdose.

On Saturday, Travis Barker talked about the loss of DJ AM:

“Don’t know how i am gonna play 2night but i am for AM. My brother is gone.i love u and miss u, i’ll never forget all the good times we had.

I’ll never forget everything we’ve been thru and every time i play the drums i’ll think of you. U were an amazing friend/DJ/human being.

Rest In Peace my brother, this really fucks me up.

Blink 182 took a moment to honor their friend Adam Goldstein at their show in Connecticut on Saturday evening. Mark Hoppus broke down in tears as he talked about DJ AM’s death. See the video below:

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