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Jun 4, 2008

Kate Walsh Show's Some Ass??

As if there weren’t enough reasons for female celebrities to be self-conscious around the paparazzi, yesterday Kate Walsh had a mishap that will have people talking for days.

While filming a scene for her hit show Private Practice, Walsh was victimized by a sudden gust of wind when her skirt suddenly flew up exposing her underwear to bystanders.

But like a pro, Kate reacted by reaching back and holding her clothing down so as not to prolong the embarrassing moment. Then she simply laughed it off.

As far as the upcoming Presidential election, Walsh has joined many of her Hollywood peers, and placed her support behind Barack Obama.

She told press, “I think this is a great movement in American history. The American people want a change in their government and Barack Obama is the best person to lead and serve and bring about the real changes people want. I am thrilled.”


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