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Jun 17, 2008

Britney Spears Avoids Criminal Charges

Fresh from a weekend in Las Vegas, Britney Spears was spotted back in Los Angeles, California last night for a low-key dinner at Sur restaurant.

The “Gimme More” songstress traveled with a small entourage and looked cute in a sleeveless v-neck black minidress with a pair of massive platform high heels and an oversized black handbag.

And there’s good news for the hoping-to-make-a-comeback singer regarding the allegations made by a paparazzo that she allegedly ran over his foot.

Officials declared yesterday that they will not in fact file charges against her because the only way the paparazzo’s foot could have been where the video showed it to be was if he himself had put it there.

Deputy district attorney Joseph Shidler told press, “We have no evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the suspect was aware that the victim’s foot had been struck by the car. There was much commotion and noise at the time and there is no proof that the suspect was aware of what had happened.”

He concluded, “The only way the victim’s foot could have been where the video indicates it to be was by the victim placing it in that location.”

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