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Jul 18, 2011

Watch! MTV Releases Clip of Snooki's Car Crash

What better tease for Season 4 could MTV possibly give us than a glimpse at Snooki's little fender bender? In the teaser trailer for Jersey Shore showing the cast taking Italy by storm, MTV proudly announces, "Italy Gets Smushed," followed by Pauly D expressing his reservations about Snooki driving stick. "Good luck with that," he quips. Silly Pauly. Snooki's the luckiest little meatball on earth.

Unfortunately, between manual transmission, the roundabouts, the tiny smart cars, and the unfamiliar traffic signage, poor Snooki just got overwhelmed and smacked right into a cop car. The clip shows the officers getting hoisted into an ambulance, and Snooki getting carted away by police, while The Situation laments, "Now she's in the Italian jail!"

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Of course, no punishment befell Snooki, other than her international license getting revoked, but we're sure the incident turned the house into a circus, anyway.

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