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Jul 13, 2011

Singer Adele Ordered Not To Speak Or Sing For A Month

British soul singer Adele Adkins has been suffering from laryngitis and has now been ordered by her physicians to rest her voice for a month.

Singer Adele, 23, was diagnosed with laryngitis in May, which forced her to cancel several shows.

A specialist warned the singer that she would risk damaging her voice if she she performed.

Singer Adele’s Rolling in the Deep video:

But after a few weeks of rest, her throat problems have refused to get better. Now the singer has been banned from talking and singing for four weeks.

A source revealed, “Adele’s voice is very special. But if she continues to abuse it in the way she has, then she could lose it completely.”

Adele recently quit smoking cigarettes and drinking liquor to help her voice but quickly quit the healthy plan after finding the lifestyle to be “boring”.

She tells Britain’s Glamour magazine, “I gave up smoking for two months… It was f**king grim. I had laryngitis about a week before the album came out and it was so frightening. I stopped smoking, drinking, eating or drinking citrus, spicy foods and caffeine. It was so f**king boring. When my album went to number one here (in Britain) and in America, I just sat in my room and watched TV because I couldn’t go out and talk to anyone.

“My voice was better when I wasn’t smoking. Within a week I noticed it had changed, but I’d rather my voice be a bit s**t so I can have a f**king laugh.”

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