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Feb 2, 2011

Rihanna Is “Princess Of The Illuminati” In New S&M Video

“Sex In The Air, I love the smell of it, Sticks and Stones may break my bones but chains and whips Excite me!” – Rihanna
I read a story earlier this week about Rihanna tweeting the word “You lil C-nt” to a friend of hers which led to an uproar in the media. She later tweeted “Bite Me” after a report quoted a fan as saying “Rihanna is a role model to millions of young, impressionable kids. She shouldn’t be using that kind of language – especially when she knows how many people follow her.”
I guess parents of those young fans will really be uneasy after seeing her latest video S&M. The stills of the video look like something out of a freak show but I love that she’s hitting back at all the things that people say about her. As the video progresses, there are newspaper headlines that read “She Can’t Sing! Slut, Daddy Issues, Goat, Ho etc”. There is even the words “Princess Of The Illuminati” that flashes across the screen.

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