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Mar 1, 2010

Justin Bieber’s Deadly Sweet 16 Party?

Teen star Justin Bieber is planning a huge 16th birthday party, but guests will have to sign a disclaimer in case they are injured during the party festivities. Read more on Justin Bieber’s party below.

Justin Bieber will celebrate his 16th birthday on Monday and will have a huge bash in Los Angeles for all his friends.

Bieber’s invitation shows partygoers will enjoy a swimming pool, jacuzzi, basketball court, sumo wrestlng, air hockey, pool table, on call chef, karaoke, Rockband, Wii, XBox, PlayStation, In-house workout gym, tennis court, paintball and private movie screenings of current movies.

But all this fun comes with a release form stating, “I fully understand my/minor’s participation may involve risk or serious injury or death.”

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