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May 20, 2010

George Lopez Cheating On Wife Ann With Hookers?

Wow! We really hope this is just a rumor! The Enquirer is reporting that a paid escort says she had sex with George Lopez and even has sexy text messages to back up her story! Read more on the Lopez cheating rumor below.

A hooker has revealed to the Enquirer that she and her friend had sex with TV funny man George Lopez and shares her graphic text messages with the Enquirer.

This better not be true, especially after his wife saved his life by giving him one of her kidneys!

A professional escort named “Tiffany” said that George Lopez, 49, even tried to set up a threesome with himself and two prostitutes.

“I had sex with George Lopez for money, and so did a friend of mine.

“He wanted a threesome and texted me . .

Do you think this report could be true? We’re certain George’s wife Ann and good pal Sandra Bullock won’t be too happy!

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