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Mar 8, 2010

Lil Wayne Sentenced To One Year In Prison

Rapper Lil Wayne turned himself in today after several sentencing delays for his July 2007 gun possession charge. Read more on Lil Wayne’s sentencing below.

Rapper Lil Wayne begins his one year prison sentence today, after pleading guilty to gun charges.

The rapper was escorted by police and his Cash Money crew into court.

Lil Wayne was dressed in black jeans, a black shirt and a gray jacket.

The judge agreed to put Lil Wayne in protective custody for his one year prison stay. The rapper also requested special medical attention for his dental problems while serving out his jail sentence.

The Judge offered Lil Wayne the opportunity to make a statement but he declined.

Lil Wayne was cuffed and nodded to Cash Money executives, Birdman and Slim.

Although Lil Wayne will be in jail for at least eight months, he has recorded videos and will be releasing new music while behind bars.

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