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Mar 3, 2010

Brittany Murphy Leaves Her Entire Estate To Her Mother

Actress Brittany Murphy left her husband, Simon Monjack, out of her will, leaving everything to her mother Sharon. Read more on this story below.

Brittany Murphy, who died at the age of 32, left her entire estate to her mother Sharon Murphy. Her husband Simon Monjack will not receive a dime, but he seems fine with her decision.

In 2007, before Brittany married Simon Monjack, she hand-wrote a will, leaving everything she owned to her mother. The will kept in her manager’s safe.

Simon Monjack said he wasn’t surprised he wasn’t included in his late wife’s will. Monjack told TMZ that before they were married, Brittany’s will and a trust was drafted. At his request, the will specifically stated, “I am married to Simon Monjack who I have intentionally left out of this will,” he said.

The size Murphy’s estate isn’t known, but her mother Sharon recently listed her daughter’s Hollywood Hills house for $7.25 million.

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