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Jul 15, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Gives Props to Her Little Sis

Venturing out on a sunny summertime day, Lindsay Lohan was spotted getting ready to run a few errands in Beverly Hills on Tuesday (July 14).

Wearing her new favorite boots with a black tank top and jean shorts, the “Georgia Rule” actress took to the passenger seat of a black SUV before being chauffeured to her day’s destinations.

Meanwhile, LiLo was active on her Twitter account, per the usual, dishing out compliments to her little sister, Ali.

She tweeted, “My sister is AMAZING! A girl is being mean to her and said something vulgar - ‘you’re sister’s the celeb, not you, you dumb b!t*h.’”

Miss Lohan then tells, “My sister responded with, ‘wow. you clearly need to seek help.’ I LOVE YOU ALIANA be the bigger person. Name calling is mean. I miss you.”

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