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Oct 8, 2009

Las Vegas Casino Going After Joe Francis For Gambling Debts… Over $2 Million!

The Wynn Las Vegas casino has received the right to obtain assets of Joe Francis’ after he has not paid them back his enormous gambling debts. Read more on Joe Francis financial problems below.

The Girls Gone Wild creator, Joe Francis, was ordered to pay his $2 million debt to Wynn’s casino in Las Vegas, but the amount has now gone up to $2,942,272 after interest and legal fees were added.

Now a California court has given the casino the right to go after Francis’ assets in California, which will include his Bel Air Mansion!

Francis acquired the huge gambling debt over two years ago and now will owe almost $3 million. But now it looks like the casino will get what’s coming to them even if it includes Joe Francis’ mansion and other assets in CA.

Joe Francis caught a break after making a plea deal on taxes he owes.

In addition to this legal trouble, Francis is also being sued by Brody Jenner’s playmate girlfriend, Jayde Nicole, for allegedly hitting her.

Joe Francis appears to be facing a major ass-rapin’ huh?

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