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Sep 14, 2009

Serena Williams Went Off On A Judge

Serena Williams lost her cool and cursed out the line judge at the US Open on Saturday night.

Serena Williams was called on a foot fault, and said some nasty things to the line judge and lost the game to Kim Clijsters. .

And what did Serena Williams Say to Line Judge that cause her to Lose Match Point?

“I swear to God I’m fu*king taking this ball and shoving it down your fu*king throat…” and then after a bunch of other yelling she closed it off with a… “motherfu*ker.”

Serena Williams truly embarrassed herself on Saturday night during the incident at the U.S. Open. The way it went down was as follows:

* She was given a point penalty on match point, which meant she lost her semifinal to Kim Clijsters, 6-4, 7-5.

* She was given the point penalty because, after a linesperson called a foot fault on her first serve at 15-40, she went over to the linesperson, shook her fist at her, and from just several feet away, said, according to several witnesses courtside, “You don’t know me. You better be right. I could shove this ball down your throat.” Interspersed with this were several F-bombs.

* The lineswoman was called to the chair umpire to report what had been said. The chair umpire had given Williams a warning/code violation at the end of the first set, when Williams smashed her racket to the court and broke it. That is a routine call for chair umpires. A second violation called from the chair is loss of a point, a third loss of the match. Williams’ second violation was on match point.

* The point violation was assessed after a conference around the umpire’s chair that included chair umpire Louise Engzell, tournament referee Brian Earley, the unidentified lineswoman and Williams. During that confab, Williams was overheard on TV microphones as denying she had threatened to kill the lineswoman.

Quickly, Williams was tossing her racket on her bag and walking to the back of the court, where a confused Clijsters spread her palms open as if to say, “What’s going on?” and then accepted Williams’ handshake and short hug.

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