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Jul 20, 2009

Christina Milian: Wedding Bells

Over the weekend, Christina Milian was spotted showing off some engagement bling at the annual Big Billy Clark Birthday Pool Party in Los Angeles following a proposal from her man The Dream.

The 27-year-old songbird told press, “We don’t have plans yet—but it hasn’t [already] happened, that I can confirm. We just want to have our closest friends and family there; it’s not going to be too big.”

And according to The Dream, they’re already thinking about having kids. The only problem is that they’re both so busy.

“I love kids, and [Christina] loves kids probably more than I do. I think when you’re a female in this business, it’s kinda hard to do the natural thing that you want to do. You have to do your work—then whenever she makes that time for herself—she’ll make that time [to have a baby]. In the next couple of years, there’ll be something around.”

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